About Us

Henderson Middle School is located at 5505 Robert Alva Avenue in the heart of South Central El Paso, Texas.  It is a public school that serves 801 students.  As of 4.8.16, Henderson Middle School has 784 students this  school year, Henderson Middle has 754 students who are economically disadvantaged, 342 LEP students, 539 students identified as At-Risk, 95 Special education students, 308 ESL, 110 Gifted and Talented, 12 Immigrant and 6 Migrant students.  At Henderson, there are 754 students with 275 in 6th Grade, 268 in 7th Grade and 241 in 8th Grade.  It is a Title I School and has five elementary schools feed into the middle school.  The elementary schools are:  Clardy Elementary, Cooley Elementary, Burleson Elementary, Zavala Elementary, and Alta Vista Elementary.

At Henderson, we are committed to providing a high quality education to all our students. 

Henderson is named after James Pinckney Henderson, a senator from Texas and the first Governor for the state of Texas.  Henderson took office on February 19, 1846.  When the Mexican-American War broke out in April of that year, Henderson took a leave of absence as Governor to command a troop of Texas Rangers.  He served with the rank of Major General under Zachary Taylor.  He returned home to resume his duties as Governor, but did not run for a second term.  He later served in the United States Senate from November 9, 1857 until his death on June 4, 1858.  James Pickney Henderson's legacy is that Henderson County was established in 1846, and the city of Henderson, founded in 1843 in Rusk County are named in his honor as well as Henderson Middle School.