Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Adrian Herrera

Welcome to my webpage. I was born and raised here in El Paso and I love what I do for a living. My father once told me that , "when you love what you do for a living, you never work a day in your life." I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have two careers. Prior to becoming a teacher I was a US officer with the Department of Homeland Security. However, I believe that I have found my true calling as an educator.

I have a bachelors degree in Business Management and a Master's degree in Business Administration with a Human Resource concentration. While in college at UTEP, I played football for the miners during the 2002-2003 football seasons. The opportunity I had playing at UTEP fueled my passion for the sport only taking a different direction. Instead of being the player, I wanted to coach them. I am currently the defensive line coach at a Jefferson High School and I teach Alternative here at Henderson. Students who enter the Alternative program; while stereotyped as unintelligent, or headed down the wrong path are misunderstood. It is my belief that with the proper guidance and positive role models these students will reveal their true potential and shine their true colors. These are good kids who make bad decisions. I know I cannot save them all but I will make sure I save the ones I can.