Conference Period:  3rd period (9:28-10:13 am)

School Phone:  (915) 236-0700


Physical Education and Teen Health  Grades 6-7


Materials Needed:  Students will be participating in a physical activities including:  various sports, games, conditioning, etc.  In order for the students to participate to their fullest they are required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.  All students must wear a grey, black, white or orange shirt with navy blue or black shorts with tennis shoes (no sandals, open-toed shoes, boots, or heels, or dress shoes).  Sweatpants and non-hooded sweatshirts are allowed during cold weather, but must be same colors as the shorts and shirts.


Students are required to have a combination lock to secure their belongings in a PE locker to be assigned by the student’s coach.  Locks must be on the student’s locker by September 13th and 14th.  Students may NOT share lockers with anyone.  Lost or stolen items such as phones  i-pods, jewelry, money, or other valuables are NOT the coach’s responsibility.  Therefore, no investigation of theft or loss of such school-banned items will take place.  A pen or pencil and teacher supplied notebook  will also be required on a daily basis for physical education class and are to be kept in locker at all times.


OverviewThe Physical Education curriculum provides information and activities towards aiming for a living a better healthy lifestyle.  Students will be exposed to individual and team sports as well as games and activities designed to get students to work collaboratively in a team or group settings.  The opportunities to learn and experience new skills, strategies, and activities will help the student choose and become more active in a healthier lifestyle.  It is important that our students thrive for physical fitness through movement and proper nutrition.


Class Rules and Policies:

1.  Follow all directions given by teachers and school personnel. 

2.  Students will be respectful and courteous:
Students are expected to be polite to all adults and fellow students.Profanity is to be avoided and will not be tolerated.Students are to always meet high standards of conduct and respect towards school faculty, staff, and any visitors, guest speaker, and substitute teachers. If student receives a referral to office, he/she will receive a “U” in deportment on his/her report card. properly at all times.

3.  Arrive to class on time and be prepared:Students must be in locker room before the tardy bell. At this point, students will then proceed to sit at their assigned area for row call and work on “bell ringer activity.”. Girls will have to report to the boys’ field house. . Students will have five minutes to change clothes, use restroom, and drink water.

School approved uniform will be worn. 

Respect the property of others to include district property and facilities.


 Medical Excuses:    Students may be excused from physical activity for up to three school days with a note from a parent or guardian.  Notes from a parent must be presented to the school nurse before arriving to class.  Students will not be sent to the nurse during class time to get an official excuse given only from the nurse.  Medical excuses for an extended period of time are required to have a physicians note to the nurse for a longer period of time of the three school days.  Student will then be assigned to report to the library or nurse’s office for written work to be turned in on a daily basis to the nurse and/or instructor.


Make Up work:  It is the student’s responsibility to ask for any make up work for an excused absence.  Make up work will not be given to students with unexcused absences.


Grading Policy:  100 grading scale for all categories

Physical Education:(all grade levels)                       Teen Health (6th and 7thgrade)

Participation/: (weekly)                                            Participation: (weekly)

Skills Test:                                                            Notebook  :                

Conditioning:  (weekly)                                             Class work: (weekly)