My name is Celina Delgado and I am so excited to be back at Henderson for my third year! I am an 8th grade Science and 7th grade Math teacher.  I was born and raised here in El Paso and have received a great education through EPISD and our local colleges.  I have earned an Associate’s degree from El Paso Community College and a Bachelors degree in Education from UTEP.   

Education has always had a big place in heart and I feel it is only right to share that feeling with others.  My sole goal is to help all of our students prepare for the future and succeed academically.   

Each year is a big year for our students.  This year, I will be preparing them as best as I can to meet and exceed the expectations for the STAAR test in the spring of 2017.  There will be tutoring available for all students in order to assist with STAAR preparation.  As the year progresses, it may become mandatory for some students, in which you will be notified.

I would also like to encourage you to contact me for any reason at all as I am a firm believer that the success of our students comes from a great partnership between myself, the student, and the parent and/or legal guardian.  

You can contact me directly on this webpage by clicking "Contact me" on the left side of the screen, by email at cdelgad1@episd.org, or at 915.236.0700.

Celina Delgado