Hello and Welcome to Ms. Gonzales 8th Grade U.S. History Social Studies

Dear Students and Family Members,

Welcome to 8th grade Social Studies!  I'm excited about the opportunities to get to know you, and I'm looking forward to a happy and productive school year.  

Educational Background:  I graduated from the University of Houston - Downtown with a Bachelor of Science Degree in political Science.  I have worked in Politics serving as a Constituent Service Liaison/Research Analyst (Council Aide) for 2 Houston City Council Members.  It was a great experience putting my public sector experience to use in servicing students as a teacher for the past 8 years.

Welcome 8th graders, it is my sincerest hope and expectation that we can make this year a very exciting learning experience that will bring you both personal growth as well as empower you as a future citizen of our great country.  I guarantee that with your cooperation we will have a fun time learning and walking through the timeline of history making real life connections to bridge the gap and make History come alive in your life.  Remember that Failure Comes From What We fail to Invest In, But Success Is Born From The Energy And Effort We Put Forth To Participate In All The Things We Do.    

Sincerely, Loretta Gonzales 

If you ever need to speak with me regarding your child, my conference period is 1st period from 7:59 am. - 8:44 am.