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Technology Teacher Mr. Castor ​
Bachelor in Business Information Systems
Masters in Educational Leadership

Prep period:  11:49 to 12:25
School Phone # (915) 236-0700


​Welcome to your Business and Technology Class where you will gain experience in keyboarding,technology, and business operational formats. We will also do some researching of career pathways, that will help students to select the proper graduation plan to assist students prepare for their future careers.  Students will be better prepared to continue on to college and/or technical training after high school.

This class is a credited class each student that completes the requirements of being able to demonstrate proper technique in Data Entry and accomplish a min. 25WPM (word per minute) exam, will gain a .5 (halve) credit towards their graduation plan.


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Course Objective:

The objective of this technology course is to learn and develop computer technology literacy and skills. The knowledge and skills learned will be needed to become successful during any future educational and/or career plans for each student.
Semester Course sections:

Data Entry 

Keyboarding "Must develop at least 25 wpm" skill level by the end of the semester. 
Basic Computer Literacy:  Knowledge of Hardware and Software (Computer Processing)
Career Cruising: 
Career Pathways investigations
Educational (5 year) Plan:
5 year planning and overlook to guide each student in High School. 
Career pathways:  Making connections with the students primary interest and skills they are planning to pursue during their High School.  The students will use Career Cruising website to complete self assessment that will assist students to make a better 
and more constructive choice of a career path to follow during their High School Education.

Students will be educated on the Basics of Computer knowledge, to better understand the Operation, Systems and Software introductions that the students will be required to utilize during school related assignment in middle school, high school and College.

Note:  Students will also complete a Post Test Assessment   (TCEA: Technology Applications Post-Test assessment for Middle School students) which will test students knowledge of technology practices that they should have learned up to the 8th grade level.

This Course is one of the High School requirements and a Credited Course; Students must learn to type a min. of 25 words per minute. 

After passing the end of semester typing exam and maintaining a 70 or above grade pt. avg. the students will earn 0.5 credits to apply towards high school graduation requirements

Please feel free to contact me:  
Classroom Phone#  915-236-0700